Visitors to Canadian Virtual Hospice come from every walk of life. They're patients, their families and friends, volunteers, health care professionals of all kinds, students, administrators and others.

Most are looking for answers and support as they face some of life's most difficult questions. Many have shared their thoughts with us, on what they've found at the Virtual Hospice.

Here's what some Canadians have said about that experience. We welcome your thoughts also.



"I am just so lucky to have found this site, it has helped me to answer questions I have, and my family, concerning my grandmother. Thank you for making this site available."

"I will print your answer out to have with me so that when my brothers and mom (maybe dad) want to know these answers, too, I can share it with them."

"I've got our whole family on this site now, thank you."

"This information will give my husband and me a start-point for decision-making and resources lists."

"My anxiety has been reduced immensely. Your site is an immense help and comfort to me. I didn't think I could ever deal with something like this, but you have helped me."

"I will be sharing your response with my two older sisters, who live in another province. I wrote the question but we all need to benefit from your response. We all share the responsibilities of helping our aging parents."

"This is SUCH an excellent resource site. So many people don't know what will be happening when a person is in the final days of their lives and many if not most of those of us that do have learned it by experience. I read the article and it was exactly what I would have said so I know that I would recommend it to others who are going through the terminal illness of a family member/friend right now. It's not just the medical aspect of it all either, it is the common sense approach you put in regarding how the family will be feeling, that they should be given time with the deceased, etc. I think you are quite wonderful, definately right on target with everything (which I have to say does surprise me) and a total asset to those who need your information! "


"The website is great and I am trying to spread the word among people I know."

"I have always had a strong interest in chronic illnesses and the impact of these on individuals and family members. I truly believe that site is an excellent step into the education and openness needed in this area."

"Thank you so much for your speedy response! You have really helped me to narrow my focus, and concentrate on what is most important for this client."

"Your website is a great source of the type of information that the regular medical literature cannot provide."

"Your website is a great resource and I am hoping to share it with the congregations with which I am in relationship. You are all to be commended! Blessings."

"I usually try to do my own research, speak to other health care professionals and when things get desperate, I finally post my question!I would like to thank those involved for the work done in keeping this website running. It is most appreciated by our team in Palliative Care and the ones we serve."

"The response was fabulous and VERY complete!  Helped me immensely….THANKS for being there for us."  Joyce Dennison, PhD

"Wonderful to have access to evidence-based information 24/7 with the added benefit to ask questions and receive knowledgeable, respectful, sensitive and timely advice, linked to established best practices – what more could anyone want?  Thank you for being there."

"True to form…CVH came through with very valuable information that has contributed to our community practice.  Thanks very much."

"The site was an exceptional tool to deal with terminal illness, it helped my entire family, Thank you."

"I appreciate the inclusion of references in the answer.   While I may actually know the answer to the question, I may  not have good research to back me up.  Your references greatly assist me in educating other health care professionals as well as have confidence in my own practice.  Thanks!"

"This is a wonderful source of information for anyone who is exposed to palliative care, whether as a patient or family member, or as a professional.  This has been and will continue to be a favourite resource that I have bookmarked."

"Thank you to the hospice people who daily put their hearts out there…thanks."

"This is an extremely comprehensive site with a wide range of coverage for both personal and professional users.  Practical advice on coping with grief (including anticipatory grief) and information on current practice and new publications.  A strong feature of this site is it’s “Ask a Professional” service through which clinical professionals respond to users questions."

"I was overwhelmed with the professional help you have given me  Your answer was not rushed and not generalized.  I truly thank you for taking the time that you did to give me answers."

"Thank you, I felt alone and you took the time to make me understand that what I was feeling was normal, that why my parents are going through is unfortunate but a part of life.  I have somewhat prepared myself and expect the worst.  You made me feel like part of your family and for that, I truly thank you.  I have passed along your website to my friend whose mother is in the last stages of heart failure, so that she can read information and gain strength."


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